Anne Kansiime’s boyfriend silences mockers

Ann kansiime's singing boyfriend Skylanta is rated highly in the region

By Joan Murungi

For quite a long time, comedian Anne Kansiime has been over the moon with her new boyfriend Abraham alias Skylanta Uganda.

The couple has stood several insults and mockery over painting their love on social media, but this has left the couple unbothered.

For this reason, Skylanta took to social media and revealed how people should not advise him on how he should handle his love life.

“Someone told me yesterday that those things of over posting your girlfriend are not good, now what if you break up? Won’t these pictures haunt you?” Skylanta revealed.

“My answer was simple, ‘don’t be afraid to live because of the unknown,'” Abraham added.

He advises couples not to let anyone change their timing simply because they do not believe or understand the things they do.


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