Aganaga attacks Sheila Gashumba over dumping Fik Fameica


By Joan Murungi         

A lot has been said about Sheila Gashumba this week. This comes after a video of where she was crying over her boyfriend leaked on social media. In the video, she was crying to a one Amanda whom she says is fighting her (Sheila) relationship with Marcus alias God’s Plan.

As some made Gashumba a laughing stalk, others rejoiced and came to the conclusion that Sheila Gashumba’s relationship with God’s Plan has finally hit a dead end. One such person is singer Aganaga.

He took to social media and condemned Gashumba for having dumped Fik Fameica. He also told her to bear her pain.

“What goes around comes around. Gashumba used Fik Fameica’s fame and left him like a toilet in the times where he needed her,” Aganaga said.

“Now she is here crying like a rabbit mbu Amanda Amanda Amanda. My sister Gashumba, you are number 10 on that guy’s list. Amanda is number seven,” the tinny rapper revealed.

A month ago, singer Fik Fameica admitted to having dated Sheila Gashumba. He argued that this happened simply because the two were still young, and did not know what they where doing.


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