Buchaman Appointed Presidential Adviser


By Paul Waiswa

Faded singer Buchaman has finally landed in big things after living desperately for quite a couple of years.

The singer’s relationship with once his boss Bobi Wine came to end unexpectedly as the two were believed to be die-hards.

However, divergence in mind musically also bred political differences. When Bobi Wine stood for parliament and won, the  former Ghetto vice president claimed and appointed himself the new Ghetto president arguing that one cannot be a ghetto president and a member of parliament at the same time. The saga too brought divisionism in the various Ghettos with in the city suburbs.

The latest is that the ‘Lwaki temumatira’ hit maker and former Ghetto Vice President; Buchaman was officially appointed a special presidential adviser.

Buchaman will be the Ghetto Presidential adviser going forward. Among his duties will include sketching down strategies of kicking Bobi Wine out of the Ghetto.

According to state house officials, no one understands the Ghetto better than Buchaman. He is also a Rastafarian. Buchaman will be the point of contact for all Ghetto people seeking audience with President Museveni.


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