Weasel Resorts to Collabos


By Hussein Kiganda

 Having gone through a heavy music drought after his other part, late Mowzey Radio died, Weasel seems to be helpless and clueless.  

He has been trying to pull himself back into the limelight but as we know our Ugandan audience, if it decides to drop you, even if you go for spiritual cleansing, Ugandans will still not like your music. Honestly, Weasel seems to have good music but it does not have cream like it used to be in the presence of the late Mowzey Radio.

In the fight to regain his depth, Weasel seems to be resorting to making collabos as though he was being paid for them. Having done a collabo with King Saha, B2C and others, he has now done another with an upcoming vocalist Liam Voice in a song called data cable which is being played on most of the local TVs. If this strategy works for him, we hope that Jamal will copy from him though this has not worked for singers like Henry Tigan and Butcherman.


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