Golola’s Life of a Champion movie gets TV partner


By Paul Waiswa

Golola Moses’ movie is already taking him places long before its premiere. The movie premiere is slated for 1st November at Century Cinemax, Acacia Mall after which it will be immediately available to YOTV Channels subscribers.

YOTV Channel is a mobile and web based solution that aggregates local media content (TV and Radio) and makes it impeccably available globally has today announced a multi-million-shillings LIFE OF A CHAMPION movie streaming partnership.

Starring Kickboxing Superstar and Champion Golola Moses; Life of a Champion is produced by Innocent Kawooya – HiPipo Picture. It is co-directed by IGG Nabwana (Ramon Films Wakaliwood), and NG Films’ Richard Nolton Ssekiwunga and George William Ssevubya.

“YOTV Channel is delighted to partner with local content promoters. As a purely Ugandan brand, we recognize the importance of Buy Uganda, Build Uganda. As such, we relish every opportunity that further builds our country,” ,  Aggrey Mugisha, the Chief Executive Officer of Albayan Media – the company that owns YOTV Channels, noted while announcing this partnership.

He added; “The Movie LIFE OF A CHAMPION will be available on YOTV Channels App on the day of its premiere and so everyone that has downloaded and subscribed to YOTV Channels App will be able to watch it on their devices at their convenience. To those that don’t have our App, simply download it from App store and Google Play Store and sign up to watch this purely Ugandan story at our cost.”

LIFE OF A CHAMPION story, mostly based on facts, takes Moses Golola to a faraway retreat in Kabale, around Lake Bunyonyi where he prepares himself for the fight of his life against four challengers; a gang of merciless fighters. It is his last chance to prove to the world that he can really defeat all his key opponents. To prepare himself for the task ahead, Golola fasts, prays and trains for 90 days.

“We thank YOTV Channels for walking the Buy Uganda, Build Uganda talk. YOTV Channels does not only aggregate and make more than 50 Uganda channels available globally but also invests in the production of local content. With a pro-Uganda spirit, we shall overcome our fears and collectively contribute to the transformation of our motherland,” Innocent Kawooya- the Producer of Life of a Champion movie concluded.​


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