Kats crawls back to Fille


By Paul Waiswa

MC Kats cannot go far from his love. After rubbing shoulders for several months, the ego has finally changed avenues from enmity to friendship.

Mc Kats who has been on a parallel move with his baby mama and singer Fille Mutoni has been sealed and everything driven back to its original state.

Though Kats has always insisted that he wants to elevate his baby mama’s career, some speculated that he is just beating around the bush  but only targeting fille’s heart again.

“I cannot see Fille’s career declining and I just go silent. Any penny she gets; she shares with my kids. I want to get back to her and we deal musically and not as husband and wife”, Kats recently said

Now, what started as rumor has come to its conclusion. MC Kats is back to working terms with singer Fille who also doubles as the mother of his last born. This information is confirmed after the two were spotted recently shooting one of their latest projects together and seems to be in very good moods.

Our suspicions were confirmed when we approached Kats and he confirmed they indeed were back together. “Fille is my friend and baby Mama and we both love music. We have a lot in common and that cannot be ignored” MC Kats told our writer.

He further revealed the pair was working on an 8-track album named FILLE UNLIMITED and that they are planning a concert sometime next year.


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