Big Trill’s Parte after Parte song blamed for the decline in agricultural growth


By Joan Murungi

At the flag off of fifteen young farmers at the headquarters of Young Farmers’ Federation of Uganda (UNYFA), expectations from each of the participants were too high.

The fifteen young farmers hailing from different parts of the country have been given a chance to go and have experimental learning on various farms in German. This will be exercised annually basing of the crops and animals each of them is rearing on their farms.

 “Since each of the farmers applied and went through the process, we want them to go and study about agriculture. They will learn about global food systems, system of production, mechanization and also attend international food programs where political discussions are made on food, ”Denis Kabito the national coordinator of UNYFA revealed.

“They will bring the knowledge, share with different farmers here and also act as UNFA                                                                                                             ambassadors’,”Kabito said.            

While speaking to the press on Saturday, the executive director of UNYFA Humphrey Mutasa revealed that the organization aims at building a fundamental milestone in the federation of agriculture.

He also revealed that most of the youths have not embraced farming simply because most media houses haven’t encouraged them to.

“Recently, I was part of a research and many radios have between 13-17 hours of music. Radios have got very many musical shows, ”Humphrey Mutasa revealed. Kabito backed him up saying that “So much time has been put on song like Parte after Parte”. Mutasa went ahead and revealed that music is not the back born of Uganda.

He also encouraged radios to have call in programs about farming, arguing that this would entice youth into farming since it’s one of the most income generating activities.

“Youth love things that are fan, friendly, clean, not dirty but enticing and sexy and can earn them money,”Mutasa said.

UNYFA’s executive director also applauded Vision Group’s Bukedde‘s newspaper and New vision for having participated in the growth of agriculture through their programs.

The German government spent 25 million on each of the traveling farmers. They will also have a three months stay in German.


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