Cricket Cranes gloomy at flag off


By Julius Senyimba

It is every athlete’s honour to represent his or her country despite being a seasoned player.

However, the 16 man squad of the Uganda Cricket Cranes facial expressions during the flag off ceremony ahead of Takashinga Tour in Zimbabwe were the opposite of what is expected at such a prestigious event. Many looked disinterested while others were busy on their phones.​
Donned in black from head to toe, players hardly smiled throughout the 30 plus minutes function at National Council of Sports parking lot and to a random onlooker, they would pass for people mourning.

The cricket Cranes looked gloomy at their flag off to Zimbabwe (Photo: Julius Senyimba)

 This raised Kampala Sun eyebrows thus digging for the reason behind the constipated faces. Apart from the scorching sun that even journalists complained about, to the players who will be on the plane tomorrow, it was more than that.

“For years, it has been the same arrangement. You jump on a Boda Boda, reach in time and wait for late comers to address you under the sun,” one of the veterans told Kampala Sun wondering when will things change to luncheons or dinners, being that it is a gentlemen game.

  The team which scattered after the function in search for cheap food around Lugogo, will be in the hands of Steve Tikolo and assisted by Jackson Ogwang during the five games; four ODI and one T20 format against select sides in Zimbabwe.

Brian Masaba who got promoted from the vice role to full captaincy will lead the Cranes on their eight days stay with their first encounter being against Takashinga U23 on Monday.  


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