I’m more popular than Buchaman – Bebe cool

Bebe Cool had come strong opinions but was blasted by sections of the public

By Paul Waiswa

Upon Buchaman’s appointment as a presidential adviser on Ghetto related issues, much is being said over social media platforms.

However, Gagamel boss Bebe cool has early this morning rubbished all allegations that president Museveni’s move to appoint Buchaman among other artistes is endangering his friendship, relationship and interaction with the first citizen.

In his pursuit to preach the political gospel for NRM, Bebe Cool seems to have found competition from a former music foe Buchaman. The Gagamel boss however believes he has an edge since he is more popular.

There have been several reports, especially online, claiming that Bebe Cool has lost President Museveni’s favor hence the head of state redirecting his focus to other entertainers in the likes of Buchaman, Full Figure, Kenzo, Catherine Kusasira, and the likes.

Buchaman has become the talk of town in recent days since he was appointed one of the presidential advisers to act as a bridge between the fountain of honor and the people of the ghetto republic. While speaking on NBS Television’s Morning Breeze show today morning, Bebe Cool, real name Moses Ssali, revealed that he is more influential and popular than Buchaman.

He further noted that his influence covers a wider range of people because he can speak for both the high and low classes of people since he has lived and experienced life at both ends unlike Buchaman.

‘I may be quiet but Buchaman isn’t more popular than me. Make no mistake. That is why you invited me and not him. I can speak like an intellectual for people who live in Kololo as well as for those who sleep in the ghetto. I single-handedly brought Buchaman to Kampala and recruited him to the Firebase Crew’, said Bebe cool.​


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