Weasel gets accident, hides from press


By Hussein Kiganda

Douglas Mayanja a.k.a.Weasel seems to be hiding away from some journalists these days. From Monday, our reporter has been scheduling meetings and interviews with his management but he does not turn up. The management kept on postponing the interviews from Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Having failed to make it on Friday, we were told to meet him at the goodlife’s residence in Makindye on Saturday at 2:00PM.

“Let’s do tomorrow coz we are just leaving ENTEBBE now,” his manager wrote to our reporter.

Weasel is said to have injured his hands in a freak accident

It meant that we had to wait for Saturday. On Saturday, we went for the interview but we stood at the gate knocking and calling , the manager to let us in.

However, the manager called the reporter and told him that he was sorry not to have told him that Weasel was not ready to talk to us since he had got an accident on his way from Entebbe the previous night. He again postponed the interview to Tuesday and said that Weasel would come to our offices by himself.

“I am very sorry bro, I did not tell you that Weasel had got an accident at night on his way back. He is therefore unfit to talk to you. You will actually see it in the news. Let us do it on Tuesday because in fact,Weasel will be there at your office. Please pardon us…,” the manager said.

Our reporter wanted to ask him to narrate to him how his career had survived without his other part, Radio Mowzey who had passed on last year.


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