Pemba attracts American investors to Uganda


By Website writer

Jack Pemba has been off the social scene for one year,and for a very good reason. 
Latest we hear is that he has been in talks, attracting American investors to Uganda mostly in oil and gas, automobile and sports sectors that he is involved in and passionate about.
Under his Optima Minings and Minerals Ltd, Pemba has already linked these executives to Uganda government officials. 

Jack Pemba addresses the press shortly after he landed at Entebbe Airport on Wednesday (Photo Courtesy)

In correspondence we have seen, Pemba created linkage between Boussard USA, LLC and Uganda through the concerned government officials.
“In our discussion, we discussed how we could assist in creating a partnership as it relates to Healthcare, Mining, Education, Infrastructure, Transportation, Sports, Power / Energy , Agriculture, and supplying crude oil.

More specifically, I wanted to discuss the possibility of bringing two major manufacturers to Uganda: Hyundai Group and Kuhmo Tire Co., which would both provide a multitude of jobs opportunities and help support the economy.
Therefore, we are very interested in seriously discussing all these opportunities with you and your team,” Boussard’s President Anthony Muse wrote to concerned government official.

Jack Pemba was welcomed by among others Boss Mutoto and a legion of fans dressed in yellow T-shirts (Photo: Courtesy)

Muse doubles as a Maryland senator and a businessman. His company Boussard USA, LLC is a U.S./ Nigerian based oil and gas company with the capacity to store, blend, transport and sell petroleum products directly from NNPC.

With his credentials, the government official wrote back and extended an official invitation for him to Uganda promising a linkage to the energy ministry officials.

“I hereby invite you and Mr Prince Maxwell Phillips Igwe the Vice President of Boussard USA LLC, to Kampala, Uganda, to participate in discussions pertaining innovative and technological advancement of the oil and gas sector with our technical team under the ministry of energy,” the government official wrote on April 23.

Pemba also met Pete Sessions, a Texas governor and oil and gas magnate and interested him in oil and gas as well as hydro power projects in Uganda.

In another meeting Pemba had with congressman Micheal McCaul  and five other congressmen, he had a chance meeting with the deputy prime minister of South Korea and also interested him in coming to Uganda.
Pemba also explored opportunities for his Pemba Sports International company and met Roc Nation Sports boss Dino Duva.

“I am writing this letter to again express our sincere interest in collaborating on efforts together with yourself, Pemba Sports International, and the Uganda Ministry of Education and Sports to promote Boxing in Uganda and the East Africa region,” Duva who hails from an American “boxing royalty” family wrote to Pemba.

“I have managed to be able to get Ugandan athletes, both boxing and kick boxing to fight in Las Vegas. We are signing the contract in July in Vegas,” Pemba revealed.


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