Artistes surrender UMA bursaries to relatives


By Derrick Asaba

News reaching The Kampala Sun desk is that the bursary partnership between the Uganda Musicians Association (UMA) and St. Lawrence University (SLAU) seems to have been forsaken by majority of the musicians.

When the current regime of UMA attained power in May headed by Sophie Gombya as the president, this was one of the big projects the Association laid stamp on with projections of a great participation by the musicians. This seems to have turned tails.

Talking to The Kampala Sun, the reigning Association Public Relations Officer, John Kagonda alias Bushington stressed that the number of artists who have and are still taking up the grant is trivial.

Bushington is angry that the artistes have trivialized the bursary offer from the Uganda Musicians Association

It is known for a fact that some of the great acts Uganda has in the music industry, have a shorter queue of alphabetical books. Why would they look down on such an open offer then?

“Most of the artistes have busy schedules. As a result, they decide to grant these bursaries to their immediate relatives,” Bushington noted. He added that however, a few that have taken the bursaries up are the less privileged and those that are upgrading to Masters and more.

“Some musicians are underprivileged. They went in for music as an option but they would have also pursued other formal courses if they had funds,” he added.

The partnership was made between UMA and SLAU and this allows for an artist to forward their relatives to enroll for University education if they are not in position to. Bushington further noted that as an Association, they are not chasing musicians to going back to school but it is one imperative service every artiste should consider.

In consideration of the ever rising funds for one to acquire education in and out the country borders lately, artistes shouldn’t be looking down on such a potent offer.


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