Shyne Omukiga ready to conquer Uganda’s music market


By Paul Waiswa

She is very popular in the western part of Uganda not because is a radio presenter but her soothing music has etched her in the hearts of a legion of fans. Sadly, she is yet to penetrate Kampala’s music market; something she is now determined to do.

Shyne omukiga reals names Shine Angellah Nyonyozi, a sister to known comedian Ann Kansiime kick-started her music career in 2015, a year that she launched her first ever album dubbed Keitesi, a song that was produced by producer Murder kays.

The happy and proud mukiga does her songs in different languages with their roots traced from Western Uganda and believes with no doubt that her genres will conquer the market since fans demands good music regardless of language.

Shyne Omukiga is determined to penetrate Kampala’s market

The Obulimi hit singer, a song  done in 2016 believes that being the best-selling female artist in western Uganda and the most popular events performer (kwanjula ang wedding ceremonies) has escalated her opportunities to take on Uganda’s music fraternity.

According to her, now that she has started working on her second album titled Omuka that literally means Home, Shyne Omukiga has revealed to us that her album will feature over ten tracks including Ngambira, Are you ready among others. The songs on this album were done by J kays in Mbarara.

The solo artiste under Shab Empire does not hide her origin and ethnicity the way other female celebrities do, an avenue that has connected her to many dignitaries both within and outside the music circles.

Shyne omukiga started her music career some six years ago. The proud mukiga is the fifth born of six children born 29 years down the road to Christopher and Gauba  Kubiryaba who are both residents of Kabale district. The singer herself was also born in Kabale, working in Mabarara and lives in Kampala.


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