Chameleone skips court over breached contract case


By Musa Ssemwanga

On Wednesday, the commercial court at Twed Towers set the hearing of a case where Singer Jose Chameleone was accused of breach of contract by a South African based promoter, Zaina Muwonge.

 Through her lawyers of Lukwago and company advocates, Ms Muwonge is seeking to recover her money and orders compelling Chameleone to pay her damages for breach of contract, damaged reputation and property, including chairs and banners.

‘I am seeking to recover Sh53m after the artiste allegedly failed to perform at a concert for which i had  paid him to perform on’ she said while at court.

In the case filed in the High Court , Ms Zaina Muwonge, who also trades as Sezana Promotions, claims that she entered into a gentleman’s agreement with Chameleone, who agreed to perform at a concert titled ‘Wale Wale’ in South Africa on his terms and conditions.

Muwonge claims she communicated to Chameleone about the concerts but he turned a deaf ear. She is holding out for compensation (Courtesy)

According to court documents, Ms Muwonge claimed she communicated to Chameleone about the concerts, which had to  take place in the cities of Durban, East London, Pretoria and Cape Town, respectively as indicated in the fliers that she printed in a bid to advertise.

“In fulfilment of my obligation, I went ahead and effected part payment of Shs15m to the defendant (Chameleone),” read the suit.

Ms Muwonge claimed that towards the due date of the concerts, she further paid more than Shs1m at the request of the defendant to enable him and his entire crew process emergency passports after the said documents had allegedly been stolen.

The court documents indicated that pursuant to the agreement and in fulfilment of her contractual obligation, she paid more than Shs11m for purposes of transporting the defendants and his crew to South Africa.

The fliers that are advertising Jose Chameleone in several South African cities

Ms Muwonge adds that she went ahead to book for hotels that would provide accommodation to Chameleone and his entire crew but to her utter shock, the singer switched -off his phone on the eve of his flight, making efforts to trace him futile.

She says that, however in 2016, Chameleone called her, apologising and promised to make up for the frustration he had caused her in 2015.

Ms Muwonge says in 2016, basing on Chamelelone’s promises, she planned for new concerts still in the three cities and went ahead to pay for hotels to accommodate the singer with his entire crew.

However, Muwonge contends that Chameleone, for the second time, played the same game and switched off his phone on the eve of his flight.

Chameleone’s lawyers asked the judge  Justice Henrietta Wolayo to post pone the case hearing to 19th December this year as their client was busy and tired from his  recent European music tour.


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