Khalifa Aganaga Stings DJ Crim- You are not a musician!


Paul Mayambala

Mukiibi Sadat commonly known as Khalifah Aganaga is in no mood to share pleasantries.  He has attacked Urban TV’s DJ Crim, claiming he is talentless as a musician and should only concentrate on Deejaying!

DJ Crim has so far featured in songs like Teacher with APass, Patrobas and Mun*G, Boss Up, Feeling with Sheena Skies and more. Therefore while mocking him, Khalifah Aganaga posted his latest song dubbed Weyayu, while claiming it was fake.

DJ Crim has come under attack from singer kalifah Aganaga

To catalyse the situation more, the “Kiss and Tease” singer Aganaga posted his VISA, while attacking Crim that he can’t even afford a VISA. He said all this on his Facebook page.

“@deejaycrim DJ Crim you’re traveling to Kenya here then tag me to see …I have a US visa sleeping here and I feel like not traveling I have traveled to Uk ,Japan Sweden,Egypt,SouthAfrica,Turkey,Dubai,Denmark just to mention but a few…. #So now you your level. I respect you as a Dj but not as a musician” Khalifah ranted


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