MC Katts crawls back to Fame Lounge

MC Katts has crawled back to Fame Lounge

By Paul Mayambala

Edwin Katamba alias MC Kats has finally apologised and incorporated to work again with  Fame Lounge  a Kololo based night hangout, where he had  worked a in the External Marketing department before they fell out.

The NBS TV’s After 5 host has been hosting the ‘Meet Celebrity Wednesday’, a night that hosts different celebrity performances, music premiers, meet and greet events among others.

Speaking to Journalists on Tuesday, Kats said he has reached good terms with management of fame lounge after  signing   an agreement on how the business will be conducted.

“I am a businessman, I make people money, I told you that, I don’t just host this show but I make sure that my bosses are getting money,” he said.

Kats reassured his fans and the pubic  that he has spent over 15 years in this kind of business hence he is well acquainted with all the corners and the issues about bar businesses.

“I have experience, I have seen a lot of things and I know what to do, no one can deceive me on the issues of artists, the issues about bars no one can lie to me. So I understand them very well. So I am proud to say that I am a doctorate in this business.I know, I have seen, I have tried I have enjoyed, and I know bar business,” Kats said.

He also called upon the public to come and meet their celebrities including some other offers which included giving out t-shirts of their artists among others.

“Come through and meet your celebrity, how does she or he looks like and now I have three months contract with the management, so basically we are now in good terms, disagreement is everywhere. I know the owner of this bar for a long time,” he said.

Kats promised to adhere to the terms and conditions of the the contract.


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