Kenya’s Deejay Brown Skin in town to premiere new night


By Musa Ssemwanga

He’s from the famous Kenyan spin masters (Supremacy Sounds) that have for years  had the region dancing to their profession mixes.

Brown Skin is  also responsible for the popular phrase ‘Lamba lolo’ and just like ‘Buda’ and ‘Nomaree’ which  widely spread like wildfire.

To some Kenyans,the phrase doesn’t  leave a good taste on their tongues while to others, as long as it’s the current in thing, they are ready to ride with the wave.

Kenya’s DJ Brown skin is in town to Premiere his new night (Photo: Musa Ssemwanga)

Brownskin  is affiliated with the Agugu reggae family  and has gone ahead and turned the slogan into a brand which he uses to make money by branding on caps, hoodies and T-shirts.

“Lamba lolo is more of a slogan and as a DJ who uses the popular ‘pull up the tunes’ and ‘kama ngoma inabamba wapi nduru’ sound effects, I came up with ‘Lamba lila lolo as my own sound effect.” Said Brownskin.

Also when you listen to Gregory Isaac’s ‘border’ song there is a line where he sounds like he’s using that line and when you coin the lyrics using the song’s instrumentals, it fits perfectly.

I know there are people who think it’s an 18 and over kind of phrase but it is just another creative line by a creative Kenyan who happens to be me this time.” He added.

Deejay Brown Skin will officially mix at a new theme night called Certified Wednesdays along side Mc Yankee at Acacia avenue’s  Luxe Club and Lounge.


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