MC Kats threatens to sue Development Channel


By Ahmad Muto

Media personality MC Kats must be having financial troubles to be calling out Development Channel over a year after the boss Charles Lambert was arrested.

 He took to his Facebook page with receipts of his activities seeking refund from the Ponzi scheme that reportedly fleeced Ugandans or he sues them. He says it is his children’s money.

MC Kats has turned his guns on Development Channel (Photo: Courtesy)

From the receipts, he is demanding a total of sh790,000 he spent on tablets. MC Kats was among the many other prominent faces that were recruited to help lure their followers into the scam with claims that it was going to uplift their livelihoods in what was dubbed an “economic war” in Africa.

He wrote: “To any one nxt to this company Development Channel I need my money back or I sue you for damages. It’s my kids money Abby and Briana.”


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