Chameleone dragged to court over Sh46m debt


By Paul Mayambala

Music promoter and money lender John Kabanda has dragged Jose Chameleone to Mengo court over a debt accruing to Shs46m for the damages the singer caused when he failed to turn up and perform at concerts which he had been booked for.

Kabanda claims that Moses Kalule of The Ebonies linked him to Chameleone for business purposes but in the end, the ‘Valu Valu’ singer has created trouble for him.

When Chameleone, was contacted about the matter he explained how he has been close friends with Kabanda and how these developments are bad mind games staged to tarnish his name.

Jose Chameleone accuses Kabanda of exaggeration

Chameleone also reasoned that Kabanda’s case is between his manager Jackson Robert Nkuke alias Mutima saying that he envisioned the saga long ago when Kabanda wanted to arrest Mutima but he played as the middle man and kept the situation calm.

Basing on Mutima’s point of view, Chameleone also explained that the debt was just Shs2m but Kabanda exaggerated everything to Shs46m.


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