Feffe Bussi Set for Maiden concert


By Paul Mayambala

Rapper Feffe Busi has without a doubt been on top of his game for the past five years.  The self-proclaimed ‘smallest rapper” is finally set for a debut concert next year.

While performing at the Zzina fest, the “who is who” rapper excited his fans when he broke the news. “I will have a concert on 30th May 2020.  Hope to see y’all there,” he said. 

Recently, he paid homage to legendary rapper, GNL Zamba when he did a remix of the latter’s Koyi Koyi (riddles of life)

Feffe Buusi is gearing for his concert early next year (photo)

Fans are already going wild over the remix, with critics admitting that the self-proclaimed smallest rapper did justice to GNL’s ‘Koyi Koyi‘ which is one of the biggest jams the veteran rapper dropped.

Feffe Bussi delivered several addictive and catchy shades of his signature freestyle flow as he blended it with his comical lines to the song that most of his fans will definitely fall in love with.

Since its release on Tuesday this week, the audio has received mixed reactions from both camps and their fans.


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