Bebe Cool summons First Lady, Nnabagereka for TB control


By Joan Murungi

In a move to sensitise masses about Tuberculosis (TB) as one of the leading causes of death in Uganda, Dr Paul Isiko, a representative for Stop TB partnership and singer Moses Ssali aka Bebe Cool, have called upon media houses and public figures to take part in the great cause.

Stop TB partnership is a company that fights TB all over the world. Bebe Cool is a TB ambassador. Together, they are focusing on awareness and helping people know the dangers of TB in Uganda.

“With all due respect, I humbly request the First Lady, Nnabagereka and all women to take part in the exercise, starting from their homes. Many of the kids come back from school with cough and at times parents take it lightly,” Ssali said.

Isiko backed the singer, saying more women should take part in the exercise because more men are suffering from TB than women. This is because men fear to go to hospitals for checkups, take a lot of alcohol and smoke a lot.

Bebe Cool received $400,000 through his Amber Heart foundation, from the government of Canada and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, to take a leading role in fighting TB in Uganda. Amber Heart’s activities will start in the districts of Kampala, Jinja and Mbarara. Bebe Cool has signed 20 upcoming female musicians to take part in the exercise through their music.

Isiko says Uganda aims to end TB by 2030. “TB is an airborne disease and anybody can inhale it when someone coughs. You can acquire it from the taxi, airplane or even a bus,” Isiko said. He called upon people to go for a tests when they suspect themselves to have the disease. “All our health centers can diagnose TB. After the diagnosis, treatment is free. Nobody should sell to you drugs of TB,” Isiko said.


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