Exodus explains why he featured in Kenzo’s Semyekozo video


By Joan Murungi

When singer Eddy Kenzo got set for his Semyekozo video shoot song, he announced that the song will feature all the Semkyekozos in town.

One of the Semyekozos (Singer Ykee Benda) was happy about this and could not keep calm. He kept on reminding his fans on how he is a Semyekozo who will never get married even when he has the money, something that Eddy Kenzo’s song also talks about.

Last week, the Afrimma award winner released the song and many where surprised to see gospel singer Exodus, also featured in the song.

As some revealed on how Exodus has failed to live as an example to people as a God’s sent, others wondered as to why a church boy, who is expected to make things official would take part in such a song.

The Igwe singer laughed it off.

“Eddy Kenzo is just a friend that I have known for years. When he called me to take part of the project I could not refuse. The Semyekozo song is just a song like any other. It does not have to mean that anything talked about in the song concerns me,” the gospel singer revealed.

“People are entitled to their opinions. They are allowed to say all they want. To me, the Semyekozo song is my brother’s song. I know he was hurt as he had to make the song tell it all,” Exodus added.

It should be noted that Exodus separated with his wife Brenda Mwanje years ago and the two have a child together.


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