Rema is not broke- Manager Kayemba


By Paul Mayambala

Godfrey Kayemba, the manager of Rema Namakula has denied allegations that she is choking on debts.

This comes after news that the singer Rema Namakula put her car up for sale after chocking on debts that accrued from her recent introduction ceremony.   

Namakula introduced her new husband, Dr Hamza Sebunya in pomp on 14th November in Nabbingo along Masaka Road.

Social media critics claimed she had ran bankrupt due to plenty of debts accrued during her splashy introduction ceremony.

Rema recently flogged off her car leading to speculation that she is broke

If Rema owes anyone money, they should come out and tell us how much we owe them and when we borrowed the money from them,” he said.

Kayemba revealed that the said vehicle was sold off way before her introduction ceremony, but it takes a while before the names of the previous owner of the car are taken off.

“No one is demanding Rema. If there is anyone that is demanding her, let them bring the evidence. That car was up for sale even before the introduction. Go and ask that car bond who gave them the car and when,” Manager Kayemba said.

On the issue of a car, Prado TX model registration number UAZ 603Q in the artiste’s name is up for sale in a city car bond, Kayemba tasked journalists to always consult before publishing a story.


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