Medical results confirm I was drugged and raped, says Keko


By Ahmad Muto

Ugandan rapper, Keko, currently based in Canada has sewed an entire thread on Twitter seething at an unfortunate incident that ended with her getting drugged, beaten and raped.

The Channel O award winner, who is now into film directing, accused people she claims were paid to invite her to a party just so some few can accomplish their mission of what they did to her.

“So apparently, I never thought people can pay people you know to invite you to an event, spike your drink and have you raped then tell you a wild story like you are a first time drinker,” read one of her tweets.

She added that she was beaten unconscious and her lips busted and woke up with no underwear. And according to her, a medical check up confirmed she was raped.

“Next morning I wake up with an almost unrecognizably busted upper and lower lip like I was in a car accident including three chipped teeth. Now I woke up like I was possessed with my pants off me and my underwear missing,” she continued.


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