Don Zella not keen on Big Eye reunion


By Hussein Kiganda.

Former city socialite, Don Zella, is back in Kampala from abroad where she has spent a couple of months battling kidney failure.

The singer turned socialite, to counter Zari’s pompous city parties that took the trend last year told a certain city TV that he was not ready to get back with ex boyfriend Big Eye and was no longer going to host parties just as she did. She also said that she was going to attend Zari’s party if she held one next year or any time.

” noo…, he has not yet called me since I came and I am also not into him. Even if he or I apologize to one another about the past times, the conversation will not go further. I am not going to hold any party, I will not be selfish so I am going to attend other people’s parties and even Zari’s party if she holds one…,” She said.


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