Sheila Gashumba bashed over Big Trill collaboration


By Derrick Asaba                  

The song, Parte after Parte by Big Trill continues to expand the musician’s stardom. He released this song mid this year and since then has never missed on music playlists here and there and has continuously won people’s attention.

First, the song’s title ‘parte after parte’ was the phrase that headlined the annual International music fest, ‘Nyege Nyege’ equally so, the artist in September. Clubs, radio and TV stations, people from all walks of life related to the phrase.

Big Tril has become an overnight sensation following his Parte after Parte song

Others have since formulated phrases obtained in reference to the song for instance, ‘beer after beer’, ‘enjoyment after enjoyment’, etcetera. Also, the phrase has continuously been used as a gimmick on different ads.

Song covers have not been left out in this regard. A notable song cover of Parte after parte is of a Nigerian Hip Hop star, BalsoQz. The song has moved places far and beyond with specific countries of Kenya, Nigeria, China, which received the song with an utmost good reception.

Big Trill was more fascinated and surprised at the same time when US rapper, Cardi B and husband Offset jammed to the song.

In the video where Off set was dancing and Cardi B singing to the song, it is visibly noticeable that the song was, and is a big deal to them. Big Trill took to his social sites thanking them for the love. “Cardi B has broken my Instagram. Thank you Cardi B. I am super grateful,” Big Trill tweeted.

A number of Public figures came out to congratulate him upon the triumph and the news of his song travelling places more than the singer has. City socialite, Sheila Gashumba was among these.

However, her post birthed a lot of media backlash with many replies against her. “Thank you Cardi b and Off set for snapping to parte after parte by our very own Ugandan, Big Trill. Please kindly give us a collaboration. Now, that would be FIREEEEE!!!,” Sheila tweeted.

The tweet that caused Sheila Gashumba problems

Tweeps bashed her saying that the way she cares about Big trill lately, she must have even forgotten about God’s Plan.

Others replied with undermining statements. A few hailed her since her Twitter handle is verified by Twitter contrary to Big Trill’s which implied that her quest would be easily recognised easily than Big Trill’s which is unverified.

Other artistes that hailed Big Trill after this video took internet by storm were A pass and Sheebah. They tweeted;

“It’s so hard not to be happy for @bigtrilkaiza and the success of his song, he has stuck to what he loves and knows best and it’s taking him places even without trying hard. #ParteAfterParte #AmHappyForYouChamp,” A Pass tweeted.


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