FUFA media’s fishy year ender


By Julius Senyimba

Federation of Uganda Football Association has had a double edged year with both positivity and negativity tiptoeing from their closets into the public’s eye.

On the former side, Cranes managed to progress to knockout stages in AFCON plus winning CECAFA as their female counterparts U17 side lifted COSAFA and CECAFA cups. This was more than enough to see the federation cover themselves in glory, but all was undone, mainly by two ugly scenes.

AFCON players allowance strike in Cairo, Egypt that saw Cranes miss a couple of training sessions and the head of the body, Moses Magogo’s illegal resale of World Cup tickets that saw him serve a two month ban after entering a plea bargain.

As all this was going on, there was a team having sleepless nights trying to balance the boat in FUFA communication team led by Ahmed Hussein. They fought, both with gloves on and off, to see the image of the body stay afloat.

In short, despite the entire executive cursing 2019, to them it was a good year in office just like a hospital, they had a number of patients to treat thus a call for a fishy celebration at Kisubi beach last week.

Off handling numerous competitions like FUFA Drum finale, CECAFA junior tournaments and the senior side, the team had a treat from the head of department, Hussein as they ate fish and drunk both soft and hard drinks.

Some even had their family members present, but being that the budget was for FUFA Media staff only, they had to share the food and drinks coupons.

The event had other activities including mini football matches that saw Hussein stamp his authority after a number of embarrassing moments from his juniors.

Still full on fish and its bones, he dared anyone to make him eat grass again and risk his job, this was after Stephen Mayamba dummied him into Lake Victoria.


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