Carol Nantongo trolled over virgin claims, asked about Aziz Azion


By Ahmad Muto

Musician Carol Nantongo has been on the receiving end of a barrage of insults after sharing an Instagram post with a caption stating she is a virgin. “#Am a virgin let me hope no one iz gonna shout on this,” she wrote.

The comments she has received on the post is akin to get stripped in public. It is like all the people who have known her are on social media detailing her sexual adventures or misadventures, depending on how they see it.  Among the names mentioned by her followers to disapprove her claim is musician Aziz Azion and Sipapa.

However, some seem to have believed her. Media personality Bina Babie commented with a hand clap emoji and so did singer Sizzaman.

Such statements normally don’t go well with the public especially if they had seen you and heard about you before. The last time Sheila Gashumba told us she was the only 21-year-old virgin in town, the kind of list of men the public came out with was far from our imagination.


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