I still check on my ex-boyfriends – Faridah Nakazibwe


By Ahmad Muto

Media personality Faridah Nakazibwe found herself driving behind her former car, a Toyota Mark II and couldn’t resist the urge to take its photo and share on Twitter describing it as “dirty” and seeking to know why it was in that state.

She tweeted the photo with a caption: “Driving right behind my former car. I want to know why it is not washed.”

Twitter user, Hassan Zziwa shared his experience. He tweeted: “Same thing happened to me last year. Bought a from some Haji in town and he found it parked at Equity Bank Ndeba. He got me out of the long cue inside the bank and asked why his car was dirty. Dude I was embarrassed.”

However, it wasn’t long before Twitter users shifted the conversation from cars to Nakazibwe’s private escapades. She revealed she checks on her ex boyfriends to see if they’re comfortable.

A one Mawa Bosco Mogo asked: “In other words you want to know why your ex looks dirty.” She replied: “Exactly. The current galfreind should be more responsible.” Adding that she wants her exs to be too comfortable not to disturb when she moves on.

Kaweesa John said she is the kind of that can even find out whether her ex had sex the previous night, to which she replied: “I do….it’s like asking ex-presidents not to participate in the affairs of their respective countries.”


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