Andrew Mwenda blasted over People Power memo


By Ahmad Muto

Over the weekend, Andrew Mwenda issued a Memo to People Power on social media titled “Memo to People Power: temumanyiira.” He alleged that some unscrupulous People Power activists were circulating statements on social media allegedly made by him about their leader, Bobi Wine.

Mwenda, didn’t share what those statements are that he didn’t make but went ahead to says they are false and wrote that while he disagrees with President Yoweri Museveni and the state apparatus for violating the rights of Bobi Wine, he has no sympathy for his cause which is power and nothing more.

He also wrote off Bobi Wine’s capacity writing that People Power can’t command a large following of Ugandans given its radical extremism, and are desperate for his endorsement.

That written, People Power supporters didn’t let him go unscathed but engaged him fully.

A one Trasias Mukama replied: “That your understanding of what Uganda’s priority problems are is different from Bobi’s doesn’t not make him clueless. Such logic bears all the hallmarks of radicalism. No one has monopoly to claim understanding of Uganda’s problems, not even the president.” Mwenda replied: “True but your statement does not take away my judgement that good Bobi is clueless.”

Mukwaba wrote: “So you feel kyagulanyi can’t serve you as a leader please step up, declare your interest for the top position so as u can direct us on how a democratic state should run. Or else shut up stop whining.” Mwenda replied: “As a voter I make judgments of who is competent to govern and who is not! I don’t need to run for President to be able to make that judgment.”

This among a tone of other comments telling him how he only has one vote. How he is paid to speak. And how he will always have his opinions for sell to the highest bidder.


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