John Blaq banned from the US for 10 years

John Blaq is set to open the doors to his home for fans in the Club Pilsner concert on Saturday Night

Going by reports, singer John Blaq’s career that had taken an upward spiral like a sportsman on steroids might just have developed its first major crack. He has reportedly been banned from stepping foot in the United States of America after a he planned to disappoint some Ugandan promoters there, opting for a bigger cheque.

John Blaq who was booked for a string of gigs there at an agreed fee of $1,500, and got a two-year Visa processed for him for free changed his mind after getting another deal of $2,500. According to the promoters, he asked them for more money and when they reminded him they had done a lot for him already including processing a Visa, he reminded them he is the hottest artiste at the moment.

That prompted strings to be pulled at the US Embassy from where his visa was cancelled and banned after they revealed that he was on a visiting visa planning to perform.

The show’s venues in Texas, Boston and Washington DC were reportedly booked at a non-refundable fee of $1,500 each.

The promoters dared him that if he says they are lying, then let him disapprove them by travelling to the US.


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