I would slap a man who disrespects me- Spice Diana


By Hussein Kiganda

It has turned out to be a habit of men beating up women. Almost every day, there is a woman being beaten up by a man and this has made many women come to their defence.

However, men should be careful of which women they beat. If you were the man who thought would slap a singer Spice Diana and you expect no response, better go to the gym and tighten the muscles of your cheek.

While appearing on a TV station in town, Diana said that she would beat back any man beat her up. She added that she does not see any reason why a man would beat up a fellow grown up person in the some bracket as him.

“If a man slaps me, I would slap him back. Why would you beat up a fellow old person. I do not support men who beat up women.  The good thing is that I have never been beaten up by a man. But if a man slaps me, I will slap him back….,” she said.


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