The Icon set for a musical come Back


By Bayan Nalubwama

After having sleepless nights on how to conquer the Ugandan music industry, UK based musician Deodee Muhima alias The Icon is set to book a worm sit in the entertainment world this year.

The Icon formerly known as Press has started the year with his Te Amor song an Afro zouk song and is set to release an album in March.

During a quick talk with the Kampala Sun at genius Empire records where he was Recently signed, Icon said he has finally surrendered to both the media and fun’s pressure of concetrating on music.

 Wondering why someone would change a name for music, the Icon says he started his music journey in 2010 with out a name and it was Benon Mugumbya of Swangz Avenue that chose the name press for him. According to him, the performing purpose was to entertain his mother and after her death in 2011, he suffered a musical death and this prompted him concetrate on his Army life as he was part of the British Army since 2007. So as an army man and a musician he chose Icon as a name that speaks who he truly is.

Well, with the stiff competetition in the Industry, The Icon should tighten his belt otherwise there is a chance of him rebranding to another name years to come.


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