I have a hand in Geo Steady’s success- Mokee Harris


By Hussein Kiganda

Who does not want to associate with successful people? Even a young kid chooses to marry a successful celebrity in dreams, then what of these Ugandan artists in Uganda?

Geosteady is one of the celebrated artists in Uganda having had hit songs like Viola, Tokendeeza, Wakikyenga, and many others. Though his career seems to have stagnated lately, he is still worth association.

Kampala Sun found this artist called Mokee Harris of Keeboy Music, who claimed that he is one of those people who gave a silver hand to Geosteady while he was still germinating into a big brand.

He claimed that he taught Geosteady how to produce music. He also hinted that he helped not only Geosteady but also singer, Darx Kartel.

“Yes, I helped Geosteady in those days when he had not made it to the top. I remember he was still learning how to produce music. I let him record in a studio I managed for free.   I cannot say that he forgot about me, they still know me well…,” he bragged.

The singer says that he is tired of promoting others yet he can also sing and can promote himself as a singer. Recently, the singer released a song called “pass my way” to show his seriousness and told us he was desperate to prove his worth.

The singer says he is yet to release many other songs to prove to people that he helped big names and himself has potential to be big like them.

“Of course I can be as big as Geosteady and Kartel or even more than them. I saw them come and I know which routes they took. My song, ‘pass my way’ is now the biggest hit in town and I hope it will make it to the top. I will affirm every hater that I made big names and I myself can be big like them or even more…, “he said.


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