By Hussein Kiganda

Whoever watches A Pass’ Nkwagala video understands what economisation means. If it was football, he would be called Arsenal Wenger. He knows how to use little money to make big things. The video was shot in just one spot, but with different camera angles as he shows off emotional facial expressions.

Some people say it is art and creativity, but others claim he had no money, so he decided to cut costs and shot the video in one place and one spot in order to save location, vixen, lighting, editing and other costs. Some critics say he may even have shot it with a friend’s camera at home. Unlike the Didadada, Chupa ku chupa, Guli wano, Midnight drum and others, this is different from their videos.

The videos that people have always claimed to be economised have been Parte After parte, which seems to have been captured it leisure times using phones and simple cameras. Levixone’s Chikibombe is another that people think was just a matter of combining and editing several social media statuses from different artists and celebs. For the case of Kapa Cat, it is understandable that she was trying to gather up some simple low income video meant to introduce her into the industry. Reports say she even used her phone to shoot the Sikyo? song.


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