Fixion Daglous to set up new audio studios


By Derrick Asaba

Every other day the entertainment industry welcomes new evolvement; from new artists, to studios where these artists can record good work from. With job scarcity considerate, one has to think outside the norm to earn a living in this era.

This is exactly what long-serving video producer, Fixion Daglous of Fixiomax Films is doing. Born Daglous Mukiibi, he says he has always housed a dream of creating a stone-impact in the entertainment industry.

“I have a dream of creating and expanding the entertainment industry with all that I can. I’m set to start up an audio studio, plus other related services like a video production studio, promotion of artists and photography,” he told The Kampala Sun. He believes that with such a move, he will leave behind an impact.

Fixion Daglous started producing music videos way back in 2010 at his studios in Lungujja and has since then worked with renowned artists like Mathias Walukagga, Sophie Nantongo, Dr. Tee, Annet Nandujja, Princess Amiirah in their famous hit songs.

Recently there has been a debate on the fading of band music which artists like Mesearch Semakula publicly opposed. Fixion Daglous is no different at this, in argument. He says, that he decided to specialize in such kind of music because it earns a lot thus trashing claims that there is no money therein. He however, said that extravagance is the only problem that drains money among artists and producers of such ilk of music.

He also raised voice to the youths who are grappling with unemployment to think smart and acquire a skill besides degrees. “The youths ought to fight tooth and nail to acquire a skill away from the degrees. There is no president who will come to help you out of unemployment but would help that, that has done a thing on ground,” he advised.

He added that he stopped in S6 but is earning from the skill he acquired. It’s against this that he trains youths with a need to learn music related skills.


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