Naava and Mugabi light up Fusion Auto Spa


By Derrick Asaba

The stage was warmed by Happy K who serenaded the crowd with his songs (Photo: Jimmy Outa)

When two voices meet, particularly in art, you never expect any disappointment but a lit up moment. Happening at the Fusion Auto Spa in Munyonyo on Friday, sensational musicians Naava Grey and Kenneth Mugabi fed the revelers with a night of love, fun and dance.

Kenneth Mugabi was in full voice assisted by his band (Photo: Jimmy Outa)

Terming the two artists as one of the few rejuvenators of soul of music in Uganda would never be an overstatement. With their lyrically strong songs filled with a soul vibe, the two performed after the each other with Happy Kyazze on the saxophone, Ronnie Bukenya on keys, Lawrence Matovu on bass, Aloysius Migadde on the lead guitar and Sheba Mwiza on the backup vocals.

It was a full house crowd at Fusion Auto Spa as Naava Grey and Kenneth Mugabi performed (Photo: Jimmy Outa)

The stage was warmed by Happy K with his saxophone performing hit songs in town, which thrilled the party goers and gave them a fairer start of the event. He was then followed by Vocalist and guitarist, Kenneth Mugabi who performed songs in the genre of Afro-Neo-Soul. To put it right, Mugabi never disappoints and to someone who understands and appreciates live music can unhesitatingly second this. He performed some of his famous tracks like Omusheshe, Nambi, Kibun’omu, and Rita which raved up the crowd.

The songs mellowed some of the members in the crowd (Photo: Jimmy Outa)

Naava Grey followed suit taking up the energy Mugabi had spread in the event’s venue singing her gospel song, Taata Twaala (Omwooyo). She drove couples there at the party to ecstasy as she performed some of her ballads like Omuloge, Nkwetaga, Alib’omu, Aliba wani. Her song ‘Omuloge’ was requested for a double play which she invited ‘Abaloge mu laavu’ loosely translated as ‘People who are madly in love’ to sing with her on stage.

As the singers crooned, some fans took selfies (Photo: Jimmy Outa)

As Naava set foot off stage, the party never ceased. It was rather the start of the dance party which saw Mugabi back on stage performing his fans’ favorite song, ‘Naki’ which set the party mood ablaze.


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