Court ruling sends Kirumira family into panic…forcefully grab contested Najjera property


By Kampala Sun writer

Pandemonium broke out in Bulabira A Zone; Najjera 1 on Saturday afternoon at about 2pm when a team of armed private guards and machete wielding Kanyamas forced their way into a private property claiming ownership.

The rowdy group acting on orders of Andrew Mirembe Tumwebaze; tycoon Godfrey Kirumira’s brother-in-law and his daughter Brenda Kirumira scaled over the perimeter wall, cut the padlock and beat up a casual guard, David Ochieng who had been assigned to guard the property.  

David Ochieng a guard at the premises was beaten up by the marauding Kanyamas. He narrates his ordeal to area security outside the contested premises

The contested property is a six apartment block in Najjera on block 218 plot 1809 and matters pertaining to it are presently in High Court (Commercial Division)  Court.   The plaintiff (Deox Tibeingana) contends that the defendant (Andrew Mirembe Tumwebaze) is unlawfully claiming ownership of the property given to him as security.

Bloody: Ochieng shows off the wounds and torn clothes as a result of the beating at hands of KPI security and Kanyamas

The area Secretary of Defence, Asuman Atengeye says they were alerted by a distress call by neighbours who witnessed the drama unfold. “They came with over five cars from private Security firm, KPI and had their guns cocked. When we asked for their identity, they claimed to have been sent by big people. We called for Police Patrol but they never came to our rescue. As I speak, they have taken over the building and when we are helplessly watching from outside,” He told the Kampala Sun.

The Area defence secretary looks on frustrated after KPI security guarding the premises refused to grant them access to the contested property.

Last year the New Vision reported of a row between city lawyer Deox Tibeingana and the Kirumira household.  The tycoon was accused of falsifying documents in a bid to take over prime city property from city lawyer Deox Tibeingana

David Ssempala who represents Tibeingana was alarmed though not surprised when contacted for a comment. “I am alarmed that for a matter still in Court to get to such levels for a client who is represented by a big law firm means the client is not properly advised of the consequences of such actions or doesn’t care to heed his lawyers’ advice. Not surprised because this is a repeat offender whose modus operandi is public knowledge,” he said.

Tibeingana Speaks

When contacted, a livid Tibeingana narrated: “I was told the property was invaded by goons commandeered by Brenda Kirumira and a one Mathias Bamuriho an unemployed foot soldier who will do anything to keep on the payroll of Brenda’s graces. Their uncouth acts are typical kicks of a dying horse,” he says.

He says that the act is typical of Kirumira family…always thinking that might is right. “ I cannot lower myself to their level of thinking to start exchanging blows and humiliate myself like you recently saw Kirumira do in Muyenga. I prefer brains over brawn any day,” he revealed. 

Deox Tibeingana reveals that Godfrey Kirumira’s family is clutching on straws and wants to grab the property ahead of a court ruling that pins them on forgery

He further adds: “When I took him on, someone made a prayer that May God sow confusion in Kirumira’s camp. Right off the bat, there has been manifestation of this powerful prayer in what has been going on. Their pleadings in court are like a Hollywood script of a badly written movie,”

Kirumira claims in a forged agreement tendered in court that he bought this property from Tibeingana  on 24th February 2017 for a whopping 5bn paid in cash  yet he (Tibeingana) says he acquired it from my brother in August 2017).

“Andrew Mirembe Tumwebaze claims in his defence that I “introduced” him to Kirumira to buy this same property in April 2018 (why would I be bothered to “introduce” Andrew to his own in law?).

 He further adds in his own pleadings that even though he bought this property from Kirumira for 700m, he signed the agreement with my brother Paulo Mugisha sometime in November 201, which is just confusing. 

The mother of all questions though is…if indeed Kirumira bought this property in 2017 and assuming all those crazy unbelievable transactions of resell happened in between, how come he is using Kanyamas and disobeying police orders to force his way onto the property in 2020 hot on the heels of Court declaring his brother in law a fraudster?

He says that it is not the first time they had tried to take over the property ever since the court ruling caught them offside.

Following the supreme court’s ruling in September 2019 that once you are proven a fraudster, such as Andrew Mirembe has been, he faces imminent deregistration from the certificate of title which he has been holding as security for monies advanced.

He now believes, I don’t know whether on the advice of a lawyer or not, that forcing himself onto the property using KPI, Kirumira’s security firm managed by his Son Gideon who also faces a similar fate in another case, will give him some sense of ownership or leverage. To me he is writing on water. I have reported the matter to police as a matter of procedure and will show Kirumira again that brains are better than might.

A KPI security Guard speaks through a kink . He revealed that they were sent by big people and were not answerable to area LC or Police

       According to Tibeingana, Kirumira is due a rude awakening even though he claims to know many big people.  “He involved Gen. Tumwiine to humiliate Lt. Gen. Angina over land.  This time he has used brutal force in Najjera. How long will this go on?

DPC pinned on failure to provide security

The Kampala Sun learns that the  Najjera police station have held their own for 3 days as Kirumira tried time and time again to take the property by force. He tried to deploy his security firm against established protocol of the firm getting clearance from the local police station before deploying armed guards in their jurisdiction.

Blast from the past: Tycoon Kirumira was recently embroiled in a fist fight over contested land in Muyenga (Courtesy photo)

 On Friday (24th January) bight he even deployed armed soldiers led by a one Captain. Sentongo who quickly realized the foolishness of the operation and retreated.

When Kampala Sun spoke to the KPI guards at the contested premises, one said their boss (Kirumira) is so powerful not even the Police (DPC level) upwards can intervene to uproot his security firm. 

A Police officer at Najjera police post, who spoke to The Kampala Sun on condition of anonymity, confessed that the issue of the security firm forcefully deploying armed guards on a contested property can only be dealt with from the DPC level as their licence can even be revoked. Calls to the DPC Kira Division ASP. Shifah Kiribwa went unanswered.

According to a ruling seen by the Kampala Sun Andrew Mwebaze stands to lose this property following a finding of a fraudulent transfer.

Calls to his mobile went unanswered. Mr. Masembe of MMAKS advocates are the Lawyers representing Kirumira.


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