I’m ready to share stage with Sheebah- Cindy


By Paul Waiswa

After announcing her concert dates, Cindy a.k.a the King herself has revealed that she is willing to invite Sheebah to perform at her concert and the task to meet Sheeba’s management is under way.

The Sheebahollics for long have been parallel with the Cindicates to an extreme of composing dissing lyrics from either camps.

“Currently, my management is talking to sheeba’s that she can entertain revelers at my concert. There is no problem with inviting Sheebah on my concert and I do not see the reason why she should missing out my concert. I helped her so much towards her career and if she can recall, am sure she will be there”, said Cindy.

All roads will be heading to Lugogo cricket oval to witness the king herself in an energetic and first dance hall concert held by a female artist in that venue.


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