Hang Out Review| Experience Bar and Inn, Kayunga’s New Darling


By Paul Mayambala

It is harder to find a decent bar, let alone accommodation, as you head to Wakiso past Nansana. What you will get are mostly lodges that reek of cheap-alcohol drunken stupors, and the general appearance of a mess that is about to happen. You will find a few bars with a close-to-decent set up, but you will most likely realise you are partying with Boda Boda men.

But that is until you walk into Experience Bar and Inn. Tucked off Nansana, Kayunga Stage, as you head to Wakiso, Experience Bar and Inn is indeed an experience out of this world. It is easy to be deceived by the small space. Yet a stroll inside and the space created makes up for everything.

We visited it and picked out a few reasons why we would go back.

Restaurant and food

Besides the refreshing environment, and the outdoor drinking environment, the chefs at Experience Bar and Inn know how to whip up a good meal. They are great at fast, local, but dabble in the international cuisine. There is also a bar place, where you can take a date, and have an exclusive conversation without the fear of being eavesdropped by the paparazzi in Kampala.


Their service stands out like the proverbial sore thumb. If you are eating or sleeping at Experience Bar and Inn, you will realise quickly that you are very important. And that your money has suddenly made you a king. The beautiful waiters are very helpful, and patient with customers (like me) who do not understand menus. They are quick to suggest and educate, as well as promptly serve the clients. This suddenly stood out for me; the sheer enthusiasm. It was almost like I was at Javas.

Privacy in the accommodation

We could praise their comfy beds, and how their bathrooms have hot water, and a great décor. We could talk about the lotions they give you; the many clean towels; and how all of these services come very cheaply (paltry 20 dollars for internationals and 70k for locals.) But the thing that really makes corporates and different highbrow members of the society storm the accommodation part is the privacy of the place. They drive in stealthily under the private package, and enjoy the privacy outside Kampala with their dates, and later make way to the accommodation side.

We got to experience the place during a recent birthday party of a friend, thus the pictures below.


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