Sheila Gashumba’s provokes social media, again


By Ahmad Muto

Socialite Sheilah Gashumba’s continued to provoke fury on social media hours ago, this time not flaunting her seven-digit restaurant bill or banquet of flowers from boyfriend, God’s Plan apologizing for returning home late. It’s her birthday celebration video she shared on Twitter and Snapchat with over 10 hotel staff checking in at their apartment with flowers and a cake.

As it is this side of the Sahara, such levels of extravagance get to the nerve of many social media users,especially her age mates, most of whom only have sim cards registered in their names, or so they say. It generated a lot of mixed reactions with a section asking they let her have her life whereas others took to whining and groaning about it.

Sheila Gashumba flaunts the presents she got for her 23rd Birthday (photo: courtesy)

A one @Agasharebecca1 tweeted: “Mahn if people have their money, allow them spoil it fwaa, that money is hard to get, imagine saving it and u die tmrw without enjoying ur sweat.”

@OLaurentie got petty and tweeted that “Kale we might be here nga da person who took da goat came with a rolex and omunanansi” to mean God’s Plan might be doing the most while getting less in return.

@Dphyn1just didn’t feel the whole vibe and interpreted it as a form of being irresponsible.  “I don’t even like guys that spoil money fwaaaa. I don’t care if it’s your money, use it responsibly.” I mean, we all know what she meant.

Sheilah, has overtime mastered the art of getting under the skin of her followers and savouring every little attention she gets to the last bit, with most of the heat coming from females. Oh, by the way, sometimes she calls them haters and fake buddies.


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