Victoria Atukunda optimistic to bring the miss planet International crown home


By Derrick Asaba

The Miss Planet Uganda representative 2020, Victoria Atukunda says she is much optimistic to bring the crown home. After she was unveiled to the public at Mosa Courts on Saturday last week at an event that saw different fashionistas and beauty queens from different franchise together, Atukunda has revealed to The Kampala Sun that all is going on well and she is ready for the big competition.

Atukunda is the new Uganda representative at this year’s Miss Planet International contest which finals will be held in May in Cambodia. The selection followed genuine criteria for one to represent the country via an online application. Among the many that applied, she was among.

Victoria Atukunda is optimistic about her chances at the Miss Planet contest (Photo: Ivan Kabuye)

The vetting procedure which happened in December 2019 to January 2020 was specifically done by internal experts in fashion and pageantry and she believes they came to a conclusion that she was fit for their goal.

 “The experience was really challenging and exciting for this is something I have never done so I was partly worried but at the same time excited because this is something I love doing,” she revealed.

Being her first time participating in a beauty contest, Atukunda is undoubtedly optimistic. She believes that her passion for pageantry contest that has grown over years in her will not betray. “I have always had passion to participate in a beauty pageant since my young age. I remember going for a beauty contest at my former school but my passion grew stronger as I grew and when this great opportunity came in, I embraced it,” she noted.

Atukunda’s advocacy will highlight issues surrounding climate refugees (people who are forced to leave their homes because of environmental disasters such as floods) which she will exercise through a joint partnership with the Refugee Law Project and United Nations Associations in Uganda to bring out stories of refugees forced out of their homes due to climate change.

Climate change is at its increase and this doesn’t only affect or endanger the lives of individuals but likely to have a massive effect on humanity as a whole. Atukunda says she is indebted to fight for these less privileged people that find themselves in a situation they have no control over in any way possible.

The Miss Planet International is one of the top influential beauty pageants in the world. Founded by Harry Amin together with Pedro Francisco, it strives at Preserving nature and the environment, ending violence and war while promoting peace and ending poverty and ethical economic progress as some of its core values.  

Victoria Atukunda is a first-year law student specializing in Human rights at Uganda Christian University hailing from Ibanda district in the West of Uganda. The 5’11 Atukunda will compete with other beauty queens from different countries in May 2020 in Phnom Penh Cambodia.


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