Fik Fameica copies WizKid


By Hussein Kiganda

When Apass said Ugandan artists lack creativity, many puffed their mouths into their noses in anger but sincerely, he seems to be right. Ugandans are fond of copying Jamaicans, Americans and now have switched to fellow Africans from Nigeria. We are now copying the beats, the dances and the ideas as though we are not creative enough to stand on our own.

Few days ago, our own rapper, Fik Fameica released his new song “muko” and is being trolled over copying. As Suspect Lazor and VIP Jemo copy him, he is also become a copycat trying to sing the beats of WizKid. If one gives a keen ear to his song “muko”, it very much sounds like WizKid’s “Joro” which he released months ago.

Besides the beats, Fik also copies WizKid’s idea of using a female fellow singer as his vixen to give him those romantic touches in the video. In one video, WizKid used Tiwa Savage in his video as a video vixen.They played romantically in a bed which left many whinnying over the romances. In the same kind, Fik also used Lydia Jasmine in the song and with the same touches. Having failed to impress the “sitya Loss” singer so as to succeed Rema, now she has resorted to being a vixen in Fameica’s videos.


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