Bebe Cool’s reasoning is fake- Gravity


By Hussein Kiganda

Uganda is full of drama. Everybody looks for ways of survival. Gravity’s reign seems to be dwindling . Having failed to stir himself up for 2020, Gravity looks to be planning a come-on-scene strategy which no one seems to understand.

In one of his interviews on one of the TVs in town, the “balance the boat” singer told Ugandans that Bebe Cool’s reason is lacking and that all the people he put in his list are all in his same thinking.

” Bebecool’s thinking and himself are not at the same level. I do respect him as a man but not as an artist. If he is big, let him stage a show at Lugogo Cricket Oval, in Masaka or in Mbarara and we see if things will go well. In Uganda, only two artists are in my level, Bobi Wine and Chameleon. The rest can not at all…,” he bragged.

The singer has just released his first song in 2020 which is “bitandise” though it has received low airplays. This may be a stunt to start up beef and gain sympathy from the audience.

He also hinted that he would be glad if Bobi Wine gave him a collaboration, it would be a very great chance since he dreams of it.

“If Bobi Wine gives me chance to have a collaboration with him, it would be very great because he is a very great artist and man…,” he humbled himself.


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