Comedian Tumusiime, Nicholas Opio clash over Asan Kasingye


By Ahmad Muto

City lawyer and human rights activist, Nicholas Opio has had a difficult time on social media since last week after questioning AIGP Asan Kansingye’s work ethic accusing him of spending so much time on social media; twitter in particular and several other WhatsApp groups.

The effect was the “tweeting Afande” as Kasingye has been baptized announcing that he is quitting Twitter.

That attracted outrage from Twitter users with most of the heat directed at Opio. On Tuesday morning, Tumusiime got in the mix tweeting: “Come on @nickopiyo, you well know if anyone was to question someone in your group of “activists” u support like Stella Nyanzi the same way u questioned @AKasingye‘s right to be here, u would cry injustice and all hell would break loose. It’s a double standard u live by.”

Opio didn’t see the humour in the tweet that in response, he accused Tumusiime of mixing serious issues with comedy in a bid to extract an apology from him.

He tweeted: “Did I question his right to be here? I know you are a comic but I had hoped you would take this matter a little seriously. There is nothing funny here.” Adding that social media wants to get an apology from him but he won’t budge.


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