Ugandan actress lands role in Hollywood movie titled Little America


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Ugandan singer and renowned film star Susan Basemera also known as Zani Lady C is milling with Hollywood stars. Basemera who is based in the Los Angeles California has continued to prove she is raising the Ugandan flag a notch higher. As you read this, she is one of the Africans that featured in the Hollywood Movie titled Little America.

The movie that was released last year by Universal Films features Basemera who in the movie speaks her local language (Languge), she continues to show her sense of belonging by wearing a gomesi in one of the scenes.

Susan Basemera landed a role in Hollywood film Little America: Photo: Instagram

Speaking to Basemera, she said she landed a role in Little America through one of the directors that she worked with in one of the movies. “A director that I recently worked with forwarded a flier then I responded to the email on the flier and they called me in for an audition and that was how I went through” Basemera says.

Little America the movie is about funny, romantic, heartfelt, inspiring and surprising true stories of immigrants in America.  Basemera explains that she landed on the project not only because she is Ugandan but because she had what it takes and they needed what she had.

For starters, Susan Basemera aka Zani Lady C is a Ugandan actress and singer who moved to the UK about 10 years ago. She is commonly known for her song Ndoowa that up to now is still on rotation on the Ugandan airwaves.


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