Stella Nyanzi receives Oxfam Novib Award


By Sedrick Waidha

It was a celebration of literature at the Uganda Museum as Dr. Stella Nyanzi received her Oxfam Novib Award. A number of Poetesses were around and words such as Oxymoron, Irony were among the phrases at the conference.

At the event, different poems were recited from Dr. Stella Nyanzi’s book “No Roses from my Mouth” and a number of people were driven into emotions basing on the rhymes and rhythms she put in her poetry.

The Ex-convict Dr. Stella Nyanzi and former Makerere researcher who seemed to be weak and just helped to stand and seat showed her gratitude for the Pen international for recognizing her works by awarding her with the Oxfam Novib Award Best writer.

Stellla Nyanzi who was awarded in January this year by the Pen International said her endless writings are not only felt by Ugandans but also the international community and it’s her pleasure to be awarded. She said this today morning at Uganda Museum in Kampala while receiving the award.

“I want to celebrate Pen International; they have done a great job since I was arrested. Freedom to write must be protected at all times, I raise my feast to your big balls, we still have people who are important. Danson the President of Pen Uganda was always there for me” she said.

Stella Nyanzi also said the award has brought a tremendous change in her life. She was accorded much respect in Luzira when they knew of the fact that she is now celebrated internationally and that the Oxfam Novib Award is in her Names this year.

“The award changed everything for me. It changes a lot of things for me and actually they began to respect me in the Prison because of this award. This award got a lot of healing for me.” Nyanzi revealed.

Doctor Danson Kahyana the President PEN Uganda said Stella Nyanzi will always be an inspiration to young writers who seek to achieve big in writing because of the foundation she has laid on table through her writings.

“I thank Dr. Stella Nyanzi for her courage, bravery. PEN declares for free press and uncensored speech, Stella is free to write whatever she feels because in Uganda we have a right to express any opinion. She has a right to utter Obscenity and we shall support Stella to death.” Kahyana said.

Isaac Ssemakadde the Lawyer to Dr. Stella Nyanzi said the award comes with money but he couldn’t disclose the fee for reasons only known to himself.

The Oxfam Novib award/PEN International Freedom to Write Award is awarded to people who fight for freedom of expression and the organization operates in more than 100 countries.


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