Shonga Sasha Brighton set for Kwanjula


By Paul Waiswa

. Socialite and Business man Shonga has revealed that he will be taking on the avenues to Singer Shasha Brightons’ parent home village in Luweero on a date that is yet to be identified.

Last year, word made rounds that socialite and the singer engaged in a relationship that left Dorothy unsatisfied and suspicious. Shonga first admitted that he was managing the singer’s music career But the duo were several times spotted together even before the video, which is why many doubted if that was only about a music video. By that time, Herbert Shonga defended himself saying he was only supporting Sasha’s music career.

“Sasha Brighton is a talented girl and I am some one that supports talent especially in Uganda. In 2017, I put more money than anyone did in these entertainment shows. In 2018, I experienced some financial difficulties but in 2019, I am bouncing back. So first am supporting Sasha Brighton for her talent, just to help her in her music career,” Shonga said.

Herbert and Dorothy Shonga are set to legalize their relationships (Photo: Facebook)

What came out of the support is now the Kwanjula traditional ceremony that will take place soon.

 Remember, It is officially a wrap between ex-lovers and business partners, Herbert and Dorothy Shonga after the court signed papers for the two to divorce. Their divorce news was widely spread by Dorothy Shonga who took to her Facebook page to inform her followers about their official separation.

The mother of three children captioned her post as “Divorced finallyRemarkable day of our lives“.

The Malawian-born socialites wedded in December 2016 but fell out after a year in their marriage as Dorothy started accusing Herbert of infidelity.

Dorothy furthermore claimed that Herbert had been cheating on her with a lady, only known as Sheila, a public relations officer at their former club Space Lounge and since then, their marriage went on the rocks.

From that moment, Dorothy started pushing for divorce but at the start of last year Herbert, through a live video on his Facebook page declined to divorce.

Herbert and Dorothy Shonga plus their children. They recently announced their divorce (Photo: Courtesy)

Herbert Shonga’s video angered Dorothy thus forcing her to reply vowing that come rain or shine she was to divorce. She as well disclosed Herbert’s dirty deeds.

Herbert Shonga, I have just seen your live video where you claimed you refused to sign the divorce papers because they are fake since we got married in Uganda. You forget you are a citizen of Malawi too and you won’t run away from this. I have attached your passport in case you have forgotten you have one. For 15 years I have watched you sleep with our house maids, my friends and everyone you came across. I have forgiven you for 15 years thinking you will change, I was wrong. You thought am your toy coz I always took you back for the sake of our children. Now the nose you pressed has bled profusely for no blood is left.

Dorothy Shonga

Now it is no drama anymore as the pair is done and dusted. Currently, Herbert is dating singer Sasha Brighton and the pair are expecting twins any time from now, even before their kukyala ceremony.


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