Bettinah threatens to sue US club


By Ahmad Muto

Do you all remember sometime last year when socialite Sheilah Gashumba threatened to sue city hangout, Laparonis for sharing her photos on social media without her permission?

Okay, now socialite and media personality Bettinah Tianah is furious after learning that her photo is being used somewhere at a hangout spot in the New York, US.

She has now through a tweet asked the Nigerian hangout spot, Amarachi to take down the photo hanging on their wall or she goes legal.

Bettinah Tianah has cautioned a US club against using her portrait without her permission (Photo: Facebook)

“I didn’t want to address this but today is just not the day
So a couple of people have sent me, my photo hanging in one club in New York City

This is to inform everyone that I’ve not sold or authorized anyone to put my portrait anywhere more so a club,” she tweeted with the photos attached.

It should be remembered that last year at the Blankets and Wine and Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards, she asked photographers not to take her photos without her permission or risk getting sued.


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