Visma Group Launches Premium Italian Furniture Showroom In Uganda


By Solomon Muleyi

On Thursday, high profile personalities in the fields of Real Estate, Architecture, Hotel and Residential Businesses gathered at the cocktail launch of the Visma Group showroom in Kampala.

Visma Group, an international shark renowned for Excellent Italian Furniture solutions for Hotels and Residential Houses, was opening shop to the Ugandan Market.

Guests at the launch of the Premium Furniture showroom at the Visma Group. (Photo: Solomon Muleyi)

The showroom which is the first ‘Made In Italy’ retail avenue for Uganda and the whole of East Africa, was received with open arms by the business community.

The evening Many of the business men commended the quality of the furniture, and endorsed the idea of Visma Group opening shop in the first growing economy of Uganda.

“This type of interior construction is the new generation. These are the type of furniture trends that Uganda and the whole of East Africa should be adopting. They have a huge competitive edge over other players, for their pricing, and the fact that you get the best quality and design at a very affordable price,” commended Paul Butagire, an architect.

While speaking to the press at the launch yesterday, the CEO of Visma Group, Antonello Deiola, said the showroom is going to be a ‘One Stop Shop’ for builders, investors and architects.

Some of the items on display at the Visma Showroom. The items are known for being long-lasting (Photo: Solomon Muleyi)

“We are excited to open in Uganda. We are 100% Italian. So buying from this shop is the equivalent of purchasing directly from our factory in Italy. We have partners to make sure that we can serve the 360 needs of builders and architects. Di Qui Giovanni (DQG) is renowned for long lasting, yet premium windows, Barrausse is renowned for making great doors, while Atlas Concord are famous for their artistry and quality tiles/Ceramics.

We specialize in furniture. Together, we bring the premium Italian experience to the hotels and residential market of Uganda. With over 35 years of experience in this business, we guarantee only the best for the Ugandan market,” affirmed CEO Visma Group, Antonello Deiola.

Antonello also added that the presence of Visma Group in Uganda also adds to the economy of Uganda, as the accessibility of the premium construction and design raw materials will attract more investors in real estate and hotel constructions, which in turn will attract more tourists, and in the long run, increase the GDP of the country.

The Italian Ambassador Masimilliano Mazanti joined the crowd of business men who were struck by the top notch quality of the interior and construction units like the kitchens, dining tables, sofas, window and doors et al, in commending the quality of the Visma Group.

“We are welcoming Uganda to Italy. At this point, Uganda is part of Italy, and Italy is part of Uganda.

Italy is considered a trend setter when it comes to design. On the other hand, Uganda is a fast growing economy, and people are becoming more and more appreciative of the quality of design in construction. And there surely is a market here,” Masimilliano said.

He also thanked the Ugandan government for putting in place a habitable economic environment for international businesses to thrive


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